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What​'s your appraisal need?

We usually think of real estate appraisals required for mortgage loans. But, there are any number of circumstances when you'll want the objective opinion of value developed by an independent, qualified, state-licensed appraiser:

Home Purchase

A modest appraisal fee can be a small price to pay for the "peace of mind" you'll have when making an informed offer to purchase one of the largest investments most of us will make.

Selling A Home

While a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) prepared by your REALTOR® is vital to setting a "listing price" when offering your home for sale, an appraisal can help you maximize your profit and minimize your home's time on the market. The appraisal report can be a valuable negotiating tool once you have a potential buyer.

Divorce Settlement

An independent appraisal can offer a much needed sense of fairness during what can be an otherwise traumatic experience when faced with a court-ordered sale or when the "buyout" option is chosen.

Estate Settlement

The fair disposition of the estate of a loved one lost often requires an estimate of the "Fair Market Value" of the real estate portion of the estate. Our adherence to the ethics provision of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) ensures confidentiality and discretion to the fullest degree.

Employee Relocation

Our extensive Employee Relocation Council(ERC) guidelines experience promotes a timeliness in delivering the appraisal report so beneficial to the often stressful transfer procedure. We encourage and appreciate the transferee's input from a unique perspective on the home's features and attributes and welcome information about competing neighborhood properties that may not otherwise be available.

Tax Abatement

Although your county assessor is charged with conducting a "fair and equitable" assessment of each real estate parcel, the task is a daunting one. It employs a "mass appraisal" technique that may not accurately reflect your home's size or features and may overlook important market conditions, such as recent dramatic value declines, significantly effecting assessed value. An appraisal or consultation will include thorough property viewing, revised square footage calculation and property features accounting that can reduce your tax burden.

Home Improvements

When considering improvements or alterations from a minor face-lift to a major remodel or room addition "will the effect on value justify the cost?" is the all-important question. An appraisal will help you understand the market's reaction to your plans.


Utility, street, highway and other improvement projects often require new or additional easement and or right-of-way area. The acquiring party; utility, city, state or Federal government may or may not engage an appraiser to assist in their estimate of compensation offered to the property owner. An independent appraisal can provide a reliable comparison and informative negotiation assistance.


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